About Groth’s Gardens

Groth’s Gardens and Greenhouses was established on our family’s Iowa Century Farm in 1993. We are located 25 minutes southwest of Des Moines in scenic and historic Madison County. We began by growing field-raised fall mums, pumpkins and ornamentals to supplement our farm income.

I had been a teacher for eight years before this but had decided it was in the best interest of our family if I could derive some type of income from our home. Our children were 11 and 8 when we set out our first mum crop of 500 plants. They are now married with families of their own, and still help out when they are home for a visit.

We were originally known in this area for our huge, highly budded fall mums and were one of the first places to grow fall pansies. We currently raise 3500 mums which are all sold retail from our farm location. We expanded into the spring greenhouse business in 1997 at the request of our customers.

Our spring season has now greatly surpassed our original fall business! We currently have six greenhouses and grow a huge selection of Proven Winner annuals, as well as many other premium branded annuals and geraniums for container gardening. We have one of the largest collections of Proven Winner annuals in the area! We grow over 2000 hanging gardens and mixed containers and provide our customers with the plants and supplies they need for success in creating their own designs. Our vegetative annuals and geraniums, grown in 4.5″ and 6″ pots, are blooming, bushy and ready to explode once planted in your containers and gardens.

People tell us they enjoy coming to the farm and getting to talk to the folks who grow the plants.We’re here on a daily basis during the spring and fall seasons and enjoy sharing and swapping gardening tips with our customers. Quality and service are of utmost importance at Groth’s. Our plants are tops—we grow them, care for them and know how they will perform in our area. 

We are a retail nursery and operate on a cash-and-carry basis. We do not ship plants as we enjoy visiting with our customers on a face-to-face level and prefer not to be concerned about whether or not the delivery service has turned our plants upside down!

At Groth’s we know that gardening is more than a hobby for our customers—it’s a passion—and we’re passionate about providing our customers with the best plants and service in the area.

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