Here are some of our favorite links:

Great information for recognizing and treating budworm damage on petunias and geraniums.

Safe and effective ways to stay ahead of Japanese beetle damage and plants that attract or repel them.

Find out how to select the best pot for season long success with your container gardens.

Best article I’ve read for caring for petunia baskets/pots and how to keep them beautiful until frost!

Iowa State University experts answer your questions about growing beautiful, healthy annual geraniums.

Supertunias are my favorite petunias, and the information in this article is the most complete “how to” to keep them beautiful into the fall!

If you’ve been frustrated with superbells/calibrachoas this article is your solution to once again enjoy this popular plant.

Watering is the most important task in keeping your plants healthy and vigorous;  following this simple guide will make you a watering pro!

Is it full sun or part sun and does it really matter? It DOES and this short read explains why it’s so important and how to figure it out.

Common gardening misconceptions are dispelled in this quick to read list and will help you become an expert grower!

So many things can affect how well your new plants take off and grow after transplanting. Take a quick read and upgrade your gardening game!

Great Container Combo Ideas; Sign Up for Free Gardener’s Idea Handbook! 

An independent, non-profit organization that tests new varieties then introduces only the best garden performers as AAS Winners. 

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