Do mums bloom all fall?

Several years ago I was in the garden center of one of Des Moines’ finest box stores in late August. Shelf upon shelf of 4″ potted mums in full bloom were waiting to be unloaded (or maybe not) and folks were filling their carts with flats of these four inch wonders. A young woman flagged … Read more

Why mums?

Years ago, long before we were growing mums commercially, the first pop of color in the late summer garden confirmed that summer was almost over. Shorter days and cooler nights were bringing summer flowers to their knees as they prepared for winter’s slumber, but rising above those fading blooms came the riotous yellow, orange, red, … Read more

Why a blog?

I often get questions on timely gardening issues, and having a blog seems to be the best way to address things like that. A blog provides enough room to cover those subjects that require some detail, and also permits me to cover garden topics, tips and tricks, share what we’re up to in the greenhouses, … Read more

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