Mum Guide

Light Requirements

Mums are full sun plants and need to be placed in full sun to bloom out fully before setting them in entry ways or other dimly lit areas. A green mum will not bloom out if set in shade or even half shade.


Always pick up the pot to see if the plant is light. Mums need to dry out slightly before the next watering. During cool, overcast weather they will not dry out as fast as on warm, windy days. A plant on the east side of the house will need less water than one sitting in full sun, but do remember that a potted plant requires more water than one planted in the ground. Bottom watering is the most effective. Set the pot in a pan of water for about 20 minutes and let it soak. Be sure to remove the plant promptly as sitting in water for a prolonged time will cause root rot. Overwatered and underwatered plants will display similar symptoms: limp, yellowish green leaves and smaller flower size. If the pot feels heavy let it dry out before watering again.


Mums are zone 6 plants which means that sometimes they live and sometimes they don’t in our zone 4 and 5 gardens. We can attempt to create a microclimate by placing them on the east or south side of a windbreak, plant into loose, fertile soil in a well-drained area, leave the dead tops on over the winter, mulch with an 8” layer of straw or loose leaves around Christmas time, and be sure they are well watered at Thanksgiving time before the ground freezes. Spring planted mums have a better chance of overwintering but that is no guarantee with a tender perennial. We enjoy them for what they are: beautiful, long lasting fall color which no other plant can rival. We hope you enjoy them too!

Fall Mums & More

Many visitors make Groth’s a stop on their annual fall outings. We have 6000 high quality, reasonably priced potted mums in every color imaginable and many different sizes. The plants are huge, loaded with buds, and will remain in color for 4 to 6 weeks. People are constantly amazed at the quality of the plants and will ask Deb Groth how she “gets them like that. ” Deb simply replies, “It’s what I do all summer. I love the plants and pay attention to what they need and then make sure they get it.” We also grow over wintering fall pansies, which bloom until early December and return in the spring even bigger and better.

Fall wouldn’t be complete without pumpkins, gourds, ornamental corn and squash and we have a great supply of locally-grown ornamental for all your fall decorating needs. A leisurely stroll around the display gardens loaded with fall blooms and butterflies inspires gardeners to come back in the spring when we will have over 450 varieties of hardy perennials, flowering shrubs, shrub roses, specially designed hanging baskets and annuals growing in their greenhouses.

Groth’s has become a destination plant nursery in central Iowa due to our production of new and unusual varieties, high quality plants, helpful gardening advice, and the friendly atmosphere.

It’s just fun to get into gardening at Groth’s Gardens and Greenhouses!

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